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Are you looking to hire the perfect moderator for your next panel? Sydnei Jarman has spoken on panels as well as moderated them. Speaking is a natural gift for Sydnei and truly puts her in her “element”. Ranging the “millennial experience” to specific topics on marketing, advertising and social media- Sydnei is as diverse as she is articulate. In addition to speaking engagements, the editor of HML also enjoys working press for entertainment corporations as well as non-profits.


In 2019, Sydnei began to book more engagements as a keynote speaker or session leader. This gives Sydnei a chance to really connect with her audiences and go in depth with question and answer sessions. The demographic for most of these engagements is young women between the ages of 17-33.



Her Modern Life has had the privilege of working red carpets and movie screenings for NBCUniversal. Check out coverage for Girls Trip, Us, Little, Queen and Slim and The Photograph.

We’ve also done coverage for Prime Video (Amazon) – The Aeronauts.

Sydnei has earned media credentials for Hangout Music Festival and Essence Festival. Search key words “Hangout” or “Essence” for more coverage on the blog.

If you would like to hire Sydnei, feel free to contact her- sydnei@hermodernlife.com

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